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Book of Knowledge for Children

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Hardback, 215 Pages



Selected Contents 18/40:


Introduction by Hamza Yusuf Hanson


1 Two Kinds of Learning


2 Animals and People


3 The Two Worlds


4 How to Enter the Garden


5 Excellence of Learning


6 The Best Gift of All


7 How Do You Stay Really Happy All The Time?


8 Pretend You Are A Tiny Seed


9 The Three Things We Need Most in this Life


10 Sharing the Treasure


11 What Are Things You Must Learn


12 Where Do the Wonderful Things We Can Learn Come From?


13 More About the Two Worlds: A Family Trip


14 Two Kinds of Things You Can Learn - Knowledge That Makes Your Heart Shine


15 The Story of the Two Wolves


16 Important Things You Cannot See


17 More Ways to Make Your Heart Shine! And the Four Imams



18 The Ant and the Pen


See also Al-Ghazali: The Book of Knowledge