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Clarification of Noble Character

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Habib Umar bin Hafiz




Thirty lessons on akhlaq or noble character


Lesson 1: Introduction to Noble Character


Lesson 2: Improving One's Character


Lesson 3: The Greatness of Patience


Lesson 4: Putting Patience into Practice


Lesson 5: Emulating the People of Patience


Lesson 6: Forbearance


Lesson 7: Magnanimity


Lesson 8: Maintaining Bonds of Kinship


Lesson 9: Truthfulness of Speech


Lesson 10: Truthfulness of Action


Lesson 11: Truthfulness of Intention


Lesson 12: Mercy


Lesson 13: Making People Happy


Lesson 14: Showing Kindness to One's Parents


Lesson 15: Good Treatment of Neighbours


Lesson 16: Assisting the Oppressed


Lesson 17: Keeping Promises


Lesson 18: Humility


Lesson 19: Abstinence


Lesson 20: Raising Children


Lesson 21: Instilling Good Character in One's Wife


Lesson 22: The Best Response


Lesson 23: Lowering One's Gaze


Lesson 24: Being Trustworthy


Lesson 25: Honouring Elders and Showing Mercy to the Young


Lesson 26: Brotherhood for the sake of Allah


Lesson 27: Remembrance of Allah


Lesson 28: Gratitude


Lesson 29: Seeking Perfection


Lesson 30: Embracing Noble Character