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Classical Islamic Philosophy: A Thematic Introduction

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Luis Xavier López-Farjeat

Paperback, 368 pages



This thematic introduction to classical Islamic philosophy focuses on the most prevalent philosophical debates of the medieval Islamic world and their importance within the history of philosophy. Approaching the topics in a comprehensive and accessible way in this new volume, Luis Xavier Lopez-Farjeat, makes classical Islamic philosophy approachable for both the new and returning student of the history of philosophy, medieval philosophy, the history of ideas, classical Islamic intellectual history, and the history of religion. Providing readers with a complete view of the most hotly contested debates in the Islamic philosophical tradition, Lopez-Farjeat discusses the development of theology (kalām) and philosophy (falsafa) during the ʿAbbāsid period, including the translation of Aristotle into Arabic, the philosophy and theology of Islamic revelation, logic and philosophy of language, philosophy of natural science, metaphysics, psychology and cognition, and ethics and political philosophy. This volume serves as an indispensable tool for teachers, students, and independent learners aiming to discover the philosophical problems and ideas that defined the classical Islamic world.




1. The Context


2. The Configuration of Philosophy in the Islamic milieu: The Translation Movement


3. Theologians and Philosophers on Islamic Revelation


4. Logic, Language and the Classification of the Sciences


5. Philosophy and the Natural Science


6. Metaphysics In the Islamic Philosophical Context


7. Psychology and Theories of Cognition


8. Ethics and Political Philosophy