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Clinical Applications of Islamic Psychology

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Amber Haque, Abdallah Rothman
Paperback, 362 pages


Islamic Psychology (IP) is rapidly developing and growing in the public interest, with more academic and clinical training programs worldwide. Over the past decade, much work has gone into creating theoretical frameworks and therapeutic modalities for applying IP principles in clinical settings. A significant amount of work is dispersed throughout the world in isolated settings as individuals or groups of practitioners develop and implement their models. This edited volume provides a window into some of that work from clinicians globally, attempting to put IP concepts, principles, and frameworks into therapeutic practice. This work builds on the momentum of academic discourse and practical applications, contributing to the field's evolution as it moves toward mainstream recognition. The authors of each chapter present their professional experiences, ideas, methods, and evidence-based research, giving a broad view of the current state of affairs in the clinical applications of Islamic psychology.