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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Concise Narrations to Raise the Next Generation

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Shaykh Muhyi al-din Awwama

Rashad Jameer (translation)




300 essential Sahih Hadith for young adults, organised by topic. 



1. The Virtues of Knowledge, Scholars and Teaching

2. Encouraging Good Deeds, Adhering to the Muslim Community and Explaining that the Practice of Islam is Gradual

3. The Virtues and Unique Qualities of Allah's Messengerﷺ

4. The Virtues of the Companions

5. The Virtues of the Muhammadan Nation

6. The Pillars of Islam, the Branches of Faith

7. Salat and Related Matters

8. Optional Salat and its Supplications

9. The Virtues of the Holy Quran and its People

10. Visiting the Sick and Supplicating for Them

11. Fasting, its Manners and Optional Fasting

12. The Obligation of Zakat

13. The Obligation of Hajj

14. Jihad and Martyrs

15. The Virtues of Supplications and Remembrance

16. Supplications for General and Specific Occasions

17. The Rights of Brotherhood among Believers

18. Goodness to Parents and Preserving Family Ties

19. Encouraging Mercy Between Believers and Neighbours and Choosing Friends

20. Noble Character

21. Encouraging Chastity

22. Good Words

23. Discouraging Evil Character

24. Asceticism and Heart-Softners 

25. Comprehensive Counsels of the Prophetﷺ

Biographies of 70 Companions