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Contemporary Issues in Islam

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Asma Afsaruddin




Discusses key issues in Islam today, including Shari'a, jihad, politics, gender and interfaith relations


Key ‘hot-button’ contemporary issues in Islam, often at the centre of public scrutiny, are the focus of this book. By placing the discussion of topics such as the Shari'a, jihad, the caliphate, women’s status and interfaith relations within a longer historical framework, Contemporary Issues in Islam reveals their multiple interpretations and contested applications over time.




1. Negotiating the Shoals of Modernity

2. Engaging the Sharia: Re-reading the Qur’an and Hadith

3. Islam and Politics

4. Islam, Gender, and Feminist Hermeneutics

5. War and Peacemaking in the Islamic Tradition

6. American Muslims and the Expansion of the Umma

7. Religious Dialogue and Inter-Faith Relations

Epilogue: Looking to the Future