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Critical Muslim 44: History

by Hurst
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Paperback, 236 pages
December 2022


History is not just a subject taught in school. It is the lived reality of tradition that informs and, at times, colonises our present. So, any project that wishes to see us smoothly into the future must begin with a thorough analysis of the past. History is also not as simple as we once thought: the reality of inequalities and bias that plague the present condition also run backward into our past, white-washing and leaving out certain details, even telling blatant lies. Revisionism and postmodernism further complicate the matter. In this issue, the rich and contentious history of Islam will be critically analysed; along the way, insight will be provided into the larger human story. As various articles debunk old narratives and illuminate lost perspectives, the hope is that lessons from the past can be properly considered, so that the same blunders that have toppled civilisations are not doomed to repeat themselves.