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Cyber-Counseling For Muslim Clients

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Malik Badri

Paperback, 147 Pages



The famous was receiving many questions from its viewers frmo around the world in their forum. Many of which were psychospiritual in nature, making the need for a Muslim psychologist inevitable. When Malik Badri was approached by to initiate a cyber-counseling program, he readily obliged. The novel and humble collaboration of Malik Badri and in answering these questions has materialized in a book.

The selection of questions and solutions prescribed here are varied, from marital disharmony and dysfunctional families to anxiety disorders, parapsychology issues, drug addiction and the influence of the mind over body. It is hoped that some of the solutions provided here, based on Islamically modeled therapy, will continue to help others with similar problems in this changing world of globalization. 

Selected Contents (5/44):

1. Lack of confidence and social anxiety

2. A young female doctor suffering from pulmonary embolism

3. Is the healing power of the mind over the sick body really true?

4. A young Muslim woman in love with an undeserving man

5. Comparing psychoanalysis with cognitive theraphy