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Daughters of Eve: Islam and Female Emancipation

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M. Jamal Haider




About 1400 years ago, the first enduring stand for female rights was taken in Madinah.


A historical unveiling with poetical inspiration, this book artfully narrates a brief comparative analysis about the status of women through the three ages of the world:

- Women in the ancient age (pre 7th century CE)

- Women in the Islamic age (7th-18th century CE)

- Women in the modern age


This book succinctly establishes how female conditions changed from the ancient past to modern times - it narrates what were the issues women faced in the past, and what they are still facing. It discusses topics such as the contributions of Muslim female scholars, and clarifies some common misconceptions about Islamic injunctions regarding women.




Introduction: The Essence of Women


1. Women in Ancient Age

Exceptional Women in Ancient Societies

Women Rights in Ancient Societies 

Beauty and Brawn


2. Women in Islamic Age

Qur’an and Women

Hadith and Women

Islam in Makkah and the Hijra to Madinah

Islam and Female Emancipation

The Wives of the Prophet

The Daughters of the Prophet

Most Venerated and Influential Women in World History

Aisha Indomitable

The Female Prophet Dispute

Female Scholars of Islam


3. Women in Modern Age

Emancipation of Women in Europe

Contemporary Female Issues

Muslim Perspective of Female Emancipation

Historical Social Changes Effecting Women

The Root Cause of Female Suppression



You and I Forever

Appendix: Misinterpretation of Islamic Injunctions Regarding Women

Note 1: Sources on Prophet’s Wives

Note 2: Muslim Pursuit of Knowledge

Note 3: Age of Consent

Note 4: Meaning of Harem

Note 5: Physically Aggressive Wives

Note 6: Explanation of Poems in the Book