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Desiring Light: Poems and Reflections

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Ameera Aslam




Desiring Light is Ameera Aslam's first collection of poetry & prose. They are about traversing the spiritual path in modern times, grief, hope and God's Overflowing Mercy.


"The outward tranquility of those who are seeking a spiritual path is something that many wish they could also embrace. But this tranquility does not tell the inner struggles that take place because the spiritual seekers do their work on the inside. Ameera Aslam's poems reflect this journey." – Humera Khan An-Nisa Society, London


Ameera Aslam is a writer, poet, editor and activist. Her work has appeared in Karyawan,,,, Masjid Khalid, Darul Arqam,, Rumi Center, Masjid En-Naeem, and more. She edits, translates and proofreads for Nusantara Books, Wasila Press, Karyawan, and others. She was the Founding Editor of, a popular online Muslim magazine. Her activism includes speaking out against domestic violence and supporting domestic violence survivors, and raising awareness and funds for migrant workers in Singapore (#SGMuslims4MigrantWorkers).