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Discourses of Rumi: Fihi Ma Fihi

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Mevlana Rumi, A.J. Arberry (tr.)




71 Discourses of Mevlana Rumi


Fihi Ma Fihi is the most famous prose work of Rumi. It's a collection of 71 discourses on various topics directly connected to everyday life. The title of the book means 'In It What Is In It or 'It Is What It Is'.


Rūmi explains the important principles of Sufism in transparent terms in this book, and provides explanations and keys to unlock the meaning of the Mathnawi, Rumi's most famous work. The two works were written parallel to each other, and contain many references and stories that are continued from one to the other.


About the author: Jalal ad-Din Rumi, the towering light of sufi wisdom is rightly known as Moulavi Ma'anavi-the gnostic scholar-in the Muslim world. He has been considered as the peak of spiritual excellence and insightful divine sagaciousness by the seekers of the inner meanings of words and worlds.