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Ghazali Institute

Enlightenment from the Sacred Precinct: A Manual on the Art of Reading

Imam Ahmad ibn Lutfullah al-Mulawi, Mikaeel Ahmed Smith (tr.)




Fayd al-Haram




- Why the study of Deen requires caution


- The danger of reading by oneself


- The guidelines for reading by oneself


- Concerning the division of matters necessary for learning how to study


- Section [1]: The general etiquette for all types of researchers and students


- Section [2]: The etiquette for those who intend to gain practical knowledge from their studies


- Section [3]: The etiquette of learning for one seeking verifiable knowledge based on proofs


- Section [4]: An explanation of the specific etiquettes of the one whose intention is to gain the ability of retention by repetition


- Section [5]: An explanation regarding the etiquettes for one whose intention is to increase their knowledge or strengthen it from various means and sources.


- Final Word: Regarding matters which benefit and facilitate in the attainment of what is sought after, from the perspective of perfection and completion


- Conclusion: An explanation of group study and some of its conditions and etiquettes.