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Equipping the People With Knowledge

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Dr Muhammad Mubarak bin Habib Mohamed




The Role of Syed Ahmad bin Muhammad Semait in Disseminating Islamic Teachings in Modern Singapore

(Includes: The Virtues of the Ahl Al-Bayt by Ustaz Muhammad Mazdiuky Md Ishak)


Among the vanguard of Islamic Scholars of the Nusantara, leading the Malay community in its intellectual and spiritual revival, is Almarhum Ustaz Syed Ahmad Semait (1933-2006).


Recognising that Islamic civilisation has always flourished on literacy, Ustaz Ahmad knew that the way for Muslims to recover from spiritual and intellectual malaise is through the publication and dissemination of books in general, and for the Muslims of the Nusantara specifically, in the translation of classical texts, such as the Ihya ulum al-Din of Imam al-Ghazali, into contemporary Malay vernacular. 


This work by Dr. Muhammad Mubarak traces the life of Ustaz Syed Ahmad Semait from his beginnings growing up in an orphanage after the demise of his father, his early education at Madrasah Aljunied, his first foray in the book business, to his learning and scholarship, and what would become his most enduring legacy: equipping the seekers of knowledge of this region with a wide-ranging, indispensable corpus of books on Islam. 



Prologue: The Virtues of The Ahl Al-Bayt

1: Introduction

2: Syed Ahmad Semait - Personal and Environmental Context

- Education

- Social and Political Environment

3: Disseminating of Islamic Knowledge

- Ideas and Thoughts

- Diagnosis of His Community

- Printing and Publishing

- Teaching

4: Conclusion

Appendix I: Pictures of Syed Ahmad’s Maqam

Appendix II: A Sample of Syed Ahmad’s Discussion on Ikhtilaf

Appendix III: A Sample of Ahmad Taking a Moderate View on Matter of Bid’ah

Appendix IV: Sample on Omission of Sanad in Sahih Bukhari’s Translation

Appendix VI: Sample Discussion on Asbab Al-Wurud