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Essential Writings: Ismail Al Faruqi

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Imtiyaz Yusuf

Paperback, 270 pages



Professor Ismail al Faruqi (1921-1986) was a trailblazer of what he called Islamics or Islamic Studies in the modern age with a special focus on the study of Islam from the perspective of phenomenology and history of religions and inter-religious dialogue. He is also well known in the Muslim world for his theory of Islamization of knowledge, which is only one of his many intellectual contributions to the relationship between Islam and knowledge.


This book is an introduction to Professor Ismail al Faruqi’s scholarly views, excerpted from his famous writings, concerning topics such as the pre-Hijrah sources of Islam, religious interdependence, religio naturalis and metareligion.





1. Pre-Hijrah Sources of Islam

2. The Essence of Islam

3. Islam and Other Faiths - The History

4. Religious Experience in Islam

5. Wilfred Cantwell Smith

6. History of Religions and Islam

7. Islam in Global Interreligious Dependence

8. A Comparison of the Islamic and Christian Approaches to Hebrew Scripture

9. Richard Niebuhr's Ideas of Society

10. The Encounter Between Islam and the West

11. The Ideals of Social Order in the Arab World 1800-1968

12. Christian Mission and Islamic Da'wah - A Discourse

13. On the Nature of Islamic Da'wah

14. Islam and Art

15. Rights of Non-Muslims under Islam - Islam's View of the Followers of Other Religions

16. The Concept of Din (Religion)

17. 'Urubbah - Arabism and Islam

18. Islam - Religion, Practice, Culture and World Order

19. Muslim Religious Life

20. The Muslim Family

21. The Life Mission of a Muslim

22. The Islamic World Order - Pax Islamic

23. Islam and Christianity

24. Islam in the West Today - The Muhajirun

25. Meta-Religion according to Islam