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Ethico-religious Concepts in the Qu'ran

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Toshihiko Izutsu




In Ethico-Religious Concepts in the Qur'an, Toshihiko Izutsu provides a masterful and lucid exposition of the Qur'anic teachings. At the time of its original publication in 1959 as The Structure of Ethical Terms in the Koran - revised under the current title in 1966 - it was one of the first studies of the Qur'anic worldview to have appeared in a Western language and its importance has not changed with the passing of time.





Principles of Semantic Analysis

1 The Scope and Focus of the Study

2 The Method of Analysis and Its Application

From Tribal Code to Islamic Ethics

3 The Pessimistic Conception of the Earthly Life

4 The Spirit of Tribal Solidarity

5 The Islamization of Old Arab Virtues

6 The Basic Moral Dichotomy

The Analysis of Major Concepts

7 The Inner Structure of the Concept of Kufr

8 The Semantic Field of Kufr

9 Religious Hypocrisy

10 The Believer

11 Good and Bad