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Etiquettes of Companionship

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Imam ash-Sha’rani, Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Kiani




Risalat al-Anwar fi Adab as-Suhbah ‘inda’l-Akhyar,

The Epistle of Lights on the Etiquettes of Companionship


This book is one of Imam Sha'rani's more popular works on disciplining the soul, strengthening the heart and freeing the mind. It encompasses teachings from the Holy Qur'an, the noble Sunnah, reports from the Prophetic Companions and a multitude of sayings of the elite scholars, codified in a manner that eases understanding and practical implementing for the reader.



1) Importance of companionship for the sake of Allah

2) The rights of others

3) Etiquettes of the noble elite