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Faith and Practice of Islam: Three 13th Century Sufi Texts

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William C. Chittick






Part One: Islam in Three Dimensions

Works, Faith, and Perfection

Faith and Knowledge

Ihsan, Ikhlas, and Taqwa



The Sciences of Unveiling and Practice


Part Two: Faith

Style and Content

The Three Principles

The Cosmology of Tawhid


- The Rising Places of Faith

    I. Faith in God

    II. Faith in Prophecy

    III. Faith in the Last Day


- Clarifications for Beginners and Reminders for the Advanced

    I. The Creator

    II. Friendship and Prophecy

    III. This World and the Next World


Part Three: Practice

- The Easy Roads of Sayf Al-Din

    I. The Science of Faith

    II. Ablutions and Purity

    III. The Ritual Prayer

    IV. Fasting

    V. Remembrance and Supplication


Part Four: Sufism and Islam

- Orthodox Islam

- Mysticism and Discipline

- Toward A Narrower Definition of Sufism