The secret gift of reading is time.

I.B. Tauris

Family Law in Islam

Maaike Voorhoeve (ed.)




Divorce, Marriage and Women in the Muslim World



1. 'She brings up Healthy Children for the Homeland': Morality Discourses in Yemeni Legal Debates

2. Reclaiming Changes within the Community Public Sphere: Druze Women's Activism, Personal Status Law and the Quest for Lebanese Multiple Citizenship

3. What a Focus on 'Family' Means in the Islamic Republic of Iran

4. Rethinking the Difference between Formal and Informal Marriages in Egypt

5. Waiting to Win: Family Disputes, Court Reform and the Ethnography of Delay

6. Divorce Practices in Muslim and Christian Courts in Syria

7. Maktub: An Ethnography of Evidence in a Tunisian Divorce Court

8. Judicial Discretion in Tunisian Personal Status Law