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Family Law in Islam

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Maaike Voorhoeve (ed.)




Divorce, Marriage and Women in the Muslim World



1. 'She brings up Healthy Children for the Homeland': Morality Discourses in Yemeni Legal Debates

2. Reclaiming Changes within the Community Public Sphere: Druze Women's Activism, Personal Status Law and the Quest for Lebanese Multiple Citizenship

3. What a Focus on 'Family' Means in the Islamic Republic of Iran

4. Rethinking the Difference between Formal and Informal Marriages in Egypt

5. Waiting to Win: Family Disputes, Court Reform and the Ethnography of Delay

6. Divorce Practices in Muslim and Christian Courts in Syria

7. Maktub: An Ethnography of Evidence in a Tunisian Divorce Court

8. Judicial Discretion in Tunisian Personal Status Law