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Generous Souls: Revealing the Lives of the Pious, Vol. 1

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Dr Muzamil Khan
Hardback, 264 pages


Throughout existence, there has been pious people whose exceptional lives are marked by an abundance of noble traits. These saintly beings are often characterised by their modesty; hence their realities are hidden. What underlies them all, is their innate sense of morality and devotion to their Lord.


Revealing their lives, this book consists of biographies of 19 such people. Each personality has a central attribute that is highlighted and explored in detail.


This volume is a unique and valuable guide on how to develop one's character, knowledge, values and morals anchored by God-conscious living. For the seeker on the mystical path, this is a useful
mosaic of remarkable Generous Souls.



• Ego: Abu Sa'id Abi al-Khayr

• Service: Hassan Mu'adib

• Divine Protection: Imam Nawawi

• Loyalty: Miran Bhikh

• Dunya - Other than God: Sultan Bahu

• Beauty: Sayyid Isa Gilani

• Dhikr of the Heart: Hafiz Muhammad Hayat

• Fulfilling the Needs of People: Sidi Bel Abbas

• Salawat: Sain Tawakkul Shah

• Unlocking the Heart: Diwan Ali

• Self-blame: Dhul Nun al-Misri

• Tafsir: Mawlana Ya'qub Charkhi

• Death: Beshir Osman Beshir

• Fear of God: Hassan al-Basri

• Wird: Salih al-Jafari

• Sufism: Javad Nurbakhsh

• Selfless Service: Shukri al-Luhafi

• Mother: Nizamuddin Awliya

• Marriage: Sayyidah Maymunah