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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

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Imam al-Haddad




1: The Science of Unification

2: The Presence of God

3: Explications

4: Whom We Perceive Ourselves as Receiving From

5: Reciting Surah al-Waqiah and a Word of Caution

6: The reason why reciting a specific surah yet a person does not see its benefits

7: Listening to a Spiritual Recital [Sama’]

8: Knowing a thing is distinct from knowing that one knows it

9: Knowledge brings to fruition spiritual states

10: It is Insufficient to Know that Allah is One in Performing an Act of Obedience to Allah

11: Involuntary Thoughts [Khawatir]

12: Relationship between the Tongue, the Mind and the Heart

13: Difference between Jealousy for Allah and Envy

14: Dreams and Visions

15: Epilogue -  Explanation of the Ode of Habib Abu Bakr Al Aydarus