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Girl, Your Goal Is Jannah

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Farhat Amin
Paperback, 190 pages


A Transformational Guide for Muslim Women


Are you ready to embark on a journey that will change the course of your life? In a world overflowing with distractions, 'Girl, Your Goal Is Jannah' is the guiding star you've been searching for.


Finding your path to jannah may seem daunting, but this book is your trusted companion, offering timeless wisdom, thought-provoking questions, and quotes from the Quran and Sunnah. It's more than just a book; it's your sanctuary for introspection.


Embrace the uncomfortable questions, break free from the lies about who you are, and become who you were truly meant to be. The profound teachings of Islam come alive as you integrate them into your daily life, unlocking the transformative power of faith.


Are you yearning for guidance to stay focused on your most cherished aspiration – Jannah? Each passage in this treasury of wisdom is a source of strength, reminding you that your blessed destination is within reach.


Join countless Muslimahs on their sacred journey to Jannah, building good habits and breaking the ones that hold them back. This book is your roadmap to inspire change, navigate life's challenges, and achieve your ultimate goal. Girl, your path is clear, and this book is your guide.


Each passage includes:

•Scripture - An inspiring ayah or hadith to reflect and meditate on, giving you time to memorise and ingrain it into your heart and soul.

• Guided Journal - Pages with thoughts and questions prompted by the ayah and hadith, along with space to record your own thoughts and responses.

A perfect companion for individual worship or for group Islamic study.