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Good and Evil

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Muhammad Mutawalli Sha'rawi




“The subject of good and evil is one which provokes much controversy. The reason for that controversy is that people fail to understand the true meaning of life. That is because, with very few exceptions, people make their life in this world the be-all and end-all of everything.”


In this important book the Egyptian scholar Sheikh Muhammad Mitwalli Al-Sha’rawi, examines the question of good and evil in the light of the fundamental teachings of Islam regarding theodicy and the true meaning and purpose of human life.


Using straightforward but compelling arguments, Sheikh Al-Sha’rawi shows that all things and events which at first appear to be good may prove in the final outcome to be evil, and vice versa. All power and knowledge are in the Hands of Allah. In reality, whatever brings a person closer to Allah and will benefit them in the Next World is good - and whatever leads a person to incur His anger and punishment in the Next World is evil.



One: Goodness in Existence 

Two: Evil in Existence

Three: The Uncertain and the Assured

Four: The Nature of Good and Evil

Five: Good and This World

Six: Good and Evil in the Next World