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Good Character

by Tughra
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Musa Kasim Gulcur




A Comprehensive Guide to Manners and Morals in Islam


Good character has always been the key feature of a person of perfect faith as perfection of faith demands a moral character and the best of conduct toward all existence. Being a person of good character can best be achieved by discerning good from bad and right from wrong, observing the limits set by God in the Scripture and emulating personal examples. The best morals, those which will never become outdated, are those taught in the Qur'an and applied in the life of the Prophet Muhammad, the Best of Creation.


The purpose of this work is to facilitate "adab in practice", or the way of living outlined in Islam. To this end, there is an effort to enable practical applications for the benefit of the reader by addressing the topics one at a time. The author begins each topic with Qur'anic verses, and further clarifies the issue with the practices of the Prophet Muhamad, who is the paragon of good character representing an ideal for all humanity to aspire to.


All the areas the author has chosen to focus on in this extensive guide fr morality are indispensable for our daily life and applicable to the people of today and tomorrow. When these guidelines for morality are truly practiced and lived, not just outwardly, they lead to the development of a moral character that brings harmony between the spiritual and the physical, the outward and the inward.




Chapter 1: Character and Ethics

Building Good Character

The Nature and Types of Duty

Divinely-Ordained Duties

Individual Duties

Family Duties

Social Duties

The Ethics of Decent Behaviour In Islam

The word adab

The word muasharat (social etiquette)


Chapter 2: Good Education and Upbringing

Studying and Learning

Teacher-Student Relations

Proper Attitude towards Scholars

Teacher Etiquette

Student Etiquette

Practicing Good Conduct in the Family

Treating Children with Compassion


Treating the Elderly with Respect

Kissing the Hands of the Elderly and Esteemed People

Proper Attitudes Towards Parents

Care of Kin

Jealousy and Rivalry Among Siblings

Respecting Privacy at Home



Clothing and Outer Appearances


Chapter 3: What Good Character Requires

Hilm (Gentleness)

The Hilm (Gentleness) of the Prophet

Defusing Hatred and Animosity

Returning Evil with Good

Modesty, Shyness, and Feeling Ashamed of Wrong Acts


Honesty in Speech

Honesty in Character

Honesty in Business

Humor and Jokes

Teasing and Mocking

Making a Mockery of Faith

Showing Off

The Subject of Ostentation in the Hadith

Ostentation and Exceptional Circumstances


Keeping Secrets

Avoiding the Evils of the Tongue

Gossiping and Tale Bearing

Avoiding an Evil Attitude Toward Others

The Subject of Hasad in the Hadith

Neutralizing Hasad

Safeguarding the Good Name of Others

Verifying What One Hears


Chapter 4: Promoting Good Character in Social Life


Shaking Hands

Breaking Off Relations

Praying for Blessings upon Sneezing

Etiquette of Advising Others and Public Speaking

The Rights of Neighbours

Visiting Friends

Asking for Permission

Accepting Invitations

Being Clean and Polite at Gatherings

Visiting the Sick

Funeral Etiquette

Visiting Graves

Good Will and Helping Others

Mosque Etiquette