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Handbook Series Gift Set

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Ibn Daud
Two Paperbacks in gift box


Comprising of A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine and A Handbook of Accepted Prayers 


Structured, accessible and drawn from the Quran and authentic ahadith, these reliable
handbooks offer surety for the seeking heart of any age group.


About A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine
This handbook is inspired by Imam Al-Ghazali's (RA) masterful writings which illustrate those devilish, undesirable traits that hold us back. The handbook offers a convenient breakdown of the symptoms, remedies and exceptions for each trait.

About A Handbook of Accepted Prayers
This This handbook is a compendium of du'ã's along with the context for their use: they are chosen for their effectiveness in soothing the soul and achieving acceptance with Allah Most High (SWT).

These handbooks also available individually.