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Healing After Loss: Consoling the Bereaved

Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti, Rashad Jameer (tr.)




Bushra al-Kaib bi Liqa al-Habib




Chapter One: Death

- The Merit of Death and its Being Better than Life

- Death is a Transition from a Constrictive World to an Expansive World

- The Honour a Believer Receives when His Soul is Taken

- Past-Souls Meet the Deceased when His Soul exits His Body, Gather Around Him and Ask Him Questions

- The Deceased Recognises those Who Wash Him and Prepare His Body

- The Heavens and the Earth Weep Over the Deceased


Chapter Two: The Grave

- The Constriction of the Grave will be Lightened for the Believer

- The Expansion of the Grave for the Believer

- The Glad-Tidings Received by a Believer at the Questioning of the Munkar and Nakir

- The Pain of the Believer in His Grave

- The Salah of the Deceased in the Grave

- The Recitation of the Quran by the Deceased in the Grave

- The Angels Teach the Believer the Qur’an in His Grave

- The Garment of a Believer in His Grave

- The Deceased Visit Each Other in the Grave

- The Deceased Recognise their Visitors and Derive Comfort from their Company


Chapter Three: Resting Places

- The Resting Place of the Souls

- Believing-Infants are Suckled and Nursed in Paradise