Healing Carefulliy
Healing Carefulliy

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Healing Carefulliy

Nurliyana Rahmat




Through God's Love and Light

From heartbreaks and uncertainty, to faith and contentment, this book brings readers along in the author's journey of understanding God's wisdoms through life's trials. 

Healing Carefulliy is a collection of Nurliyana Rahmat’s writing on her journey to Allah by seeking redemption, hope, guidance, and light. She writes about how she began her journey back to Allah: by letting go of attachments, overcoming challenges, and embracing purpose.


Selected Contents (5/10):

1. The nature of this world is that it will disappoint you.

2. The best thing you can do for yourself is to love yourself.

3. Sometimes holding on does more harm than letting go.

4. It is an amazing feeling to love and be loved.

5. In remembrance of Allah do hearts find ease.