Healing Carefulliy
Healing Carefulliy

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Healing Carefulliy

Nurliyana Rahmat




Through God's Love and Light


Healing Carefulliy is a collection of Nurliyana Rahmat’s writing on her journey to Allah by seeking redemption, hope, guidance, and light. She writes about how she began her journey back to Allah: by letting go of attachments, overcoming challenges, and embracing purpose.



1: The nature of this world is that it will disappoint you.

2: The best thing you can do for yourself is to love yourself.

3: Sometimes holding on does more harm than letting go.

4: It is an amazing feeling to love and be loved.

5: In remembrance of Allah do hearts find ease.

6: One of the best months to change is the month of Ramadan.

7: Isn’t it time to change?

8: Moving on.

9: Travel - not only outwardly, but inwardly too.

10: The difficulties in your life, they are not there to break you but to mend you.