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Hijab: Everyday Stories of Muslim Women from Singapore and Beyond

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Hidayah Amin (editor)
Paperback, 150 pages


Hijab has got to be the most contested five-letter word for Muslim women in Singapore. The Muslim headscarf or tudung in Malay, is not a mere piece of clothing covering the head. Contrary to the stereotypical notion that veiled Muslim women are oppressed and backward, their stoic wearing of the hijab symbolises their freedom to exercise their religious beliefs and conviction. It is also a valiant display of faith, commitment and steeled determination, expressed in the face of cynicism, criticism and to some extent, discrimination. Why then do hijabis (women who wear the hijab) hold on strongly to their headscarves?

This book tells the stories of Muslim women who navigate the ever-changing geopolitical landscape, while proudly donning the hijab in private and public spaces.


In essence, the book captures the stories of 21 women who chose to wear the hijab and two non-Muslim women who shared about their experiences interacting with hijabis.


Educational for everyone, students, teachers and general public who will be introduced to the religious, governmental, societal and personal perspectives on the hijab as well as the different types of hijab worn by Muslim women around the world.


This book aims to promote an understanding about Muslim women and hijab and start meaningful conversations and dialogues about the topic.