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The History of Islamic Political Thought: From the Prophet to the Present

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Anthony Black

Paperback, 400 pages

Second Edition



A complete history of Islamic political thought from early Islam (c.622–661) to the present


Now in its 2nd edition, this textbook describes and interprets all schools of Islamic political thought, their origins, inter-connections and meaning. It examines the Qur'an, the early Caliphate, classical Islamic philosophy and the political culture of the Ottoman and other empires. It covers major thinkers such as Averroes (Ibn Rushd) and Ibn Taymiyya as well as a number of lesser authors, and Ibn Khaldun is presented as one of the most original political theorists ever. It draws on a wide range of sources including writings on religion, law, philosophy and statecraft expressed in treatises, handbooks and political rhetoric.


The new edition analyses the connections between religion and politics, covering the most recent developments in Islamic political thought and the most recent historical scholarship. It ends with a critical survey of reformism (or modernism) and Islamism (or fundamentalism) from the late-19th century up to the present day.


Part I: The Messenger and the Law c.622-1000
1. The Mission of Muhammad
2. The Idea of Monarchy under the Umayyads and `Abbasids c.661-850
3. The Formation of the Shari'a
4. Shi'ism
5. The Restoration of Persia c.850-1050
6. Knowledge and Power: Philosophy without the Polis
Part II: Religion and State Power (din wa dawla): Sunni Doctrine & the State c.900-1220
7. The Theory of the Caliphate
8. State and Religion under the Saljuqs
9. Al-Ghazali: Mysticism and Politics
10. The Ethics of Power: Advice-to-Kings (nasihat al-muluk)
11. Ibn Rushd
12. The Politics of Sufism
Part III: The Shari`a and the Sword c.1220-1500
13. The Rape of Asia
14. Mamluk Ideology and the Sultan-Caliph
15. Nasir al-Din Tusi (1201-74): Social Philosophy and Status Groups
16. Ibn Taymiyya (1263-1328): Shari`a Governance (al-siyasa al-shari`yya)
17. The Delhi Sultanate and al-Barani: Statecraft and Morality
18. Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406): The Science of Civilization and the Governance of Islam
19. The Decline of Classical Islamic Political Thought
Part IV: Religious Ideology and Political Control in Early Modern States
20. A New World Order
21. The State of the House of Osman (devlet-i al-i Osman)
22. The Safavids
23. India and the Mughals
24. The Decline and Reform of the Ottoman Empire
Part V: Islam and the West
25. Modernism from the Ottoman Reforms to the Turkish Revolution
26. Conservatism and Modernism in Iran
27. Islamism
28. Islamism, Reformism and the Secular State