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History of the Prophets 2

Suzanne Haneef




Derived from the Quran, Ahadith and Commentaries Vol. 2




The Story of Moses and Aaron (A)

Part One: The Beginning of Moses’ Life

Part Two: Moses’ Young Manhood

Part Three: The Call of Prophethood

Part Four: Moses and Pharaoh

Part Five: After the Exodus

Part Six: The Holy Prophet Said…

Part Seven: The Story of Moses and Khidr

The Stories of the Prophets of Israel

Joshua (A)

Samuel (A)

David (A)

Solomon (A)

Elijah (A)

Elisha (A)

Dhul-Kifl (A)

Jonah (A)

The Family of ‘Imran

Part One: Zechariah, John and Mary

Part Seven: Prophecies Concerning the Last Prophet