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Ibn Arabi's Conception of Religion

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Mohd Sani Badron

Paperback, 300 pages



This work begins with the discourses of the Quran and Prophetic tradition on Islam and other religious traditions. It then presents a historical survey of Muslim works in the field of comparative study of religions written by philosophers, theologians, and sufis. The work also deals with the background of Ibn al-'Arabi, arguably the greatest representative of the sufis. Subsequent chapters discuss his general conception of religion, and his interpretation of Quranic terminologies such as islam, din, fitrah, mithaq, iman, kufr, shariah, minhaj, nubuwwah, risalah, millah and ummah.


Introduction: The Quran and Other Religious Traditions
1: A Brief Survey of the Muslim Encounter with Other Religious Traditions Prior to Ibn al-'Arabi
2: Ibn al-'Arabi: His Personal Background and Conception of Religion
3: Ibn al-'Arabi On the Diversity of Religion