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The Impossible State

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Wael Hallaq




Islam, Politics, and Modernity's Moral Predicament


Wael Hallaq argues that the "Islamic state" is both impossible and inherently self-contradictory. Comparing the legal, political, moral and constitutional histories of premodern Islam and Euro-America, he finds the adoption and the practices of the modern state to be highly problematic for modern Muslims. By Islamic standards, the state's technologies of the self are severely lacking in moral substance, and today's Islamic state has done little to advance an acceptable form of genuine Shari'a governance. The Islamist constitutional battles in Egypt and Pakistan, the legal and political failures of the Iranian Revolution, and other similar disappointments underscore this fact.




1. Premises


2. The Modern State


3. Separation of Powers: Rule of Law or Rule of the State?


4. The Legal, the Political and the Moral


5. The Political Subject and Moral Technologies of the Self


6. Beleaguering Globalization and Moral Economy


7. The Central Domain of the Moral