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In Search of a Holy Land

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Lauren Booth
Paperback, 285 pages


This compelling memoir, authored by the multi-talented Lauren Booth, presents a unique blend of brisk honesty, sharp humour, and profound insight that is set to captivate readers around the world. This highly anticipated (re-release) promises to be an unmissable addition to your literary collection. Through the pages of ‘In Search of A Holy Land’, Lauren Booth masterfully takes readers from the suburbs of North London to the serene olive groves of Palestine, offering a vivid exploration of a life shaped by excess, spirituality, and the struggle of a distant people. From reality TV appearances to extravagant events, the author once embraced the extravagances of city life with abandon. Yet, beneath the surface, she yearned for deeper meaning. 


The opportunity to visit Palestine presented itself, and instead of finding the faith of her Catholic heritage, Booth found herself drawn into the very heart of the people’s struggle. Her accidental role in breaking a deadly siege by land and sea, engaging in handball matches with Hamas, and bearing witness to daily acts of remarkable courage which would transform her. 


Booth’s mosaic of experiences include surviving a house fire, navigating the excesses of the nineties as an aspiring actor, and forming an unexpected connection with the Islamic faith through the people she meets. Her story resonates as an adventure that unfolds against the backdrop of politics, media, parenthood, and the search for purpose in a world fraught with distractions and injustice.