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In the Company of the Quran: An Explanation of Surah Maryam

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Furhan Zubairi

Paperback, 236 pages



This volume explores the meanings, lessons, and reminders of Surah Maryam. Surah Maryam is the 19th Sūrah in the Quran. It is a relatively long Makkan Surah made up of 98 verses. Some commentators mention that it’s the 44th Surah to be revealed, after Surah al-Fāṭir and before Surah ṬāHā. It has been given the name Maryam because Allah ﷻ mentions the story of Maryam (as) and her family and how she miraculously gave birth to ʿIsā (as) at the beginning of the Sūrah. Just like other Makkan revelation, it deals with the most fundamental aspects of our faith. It talks about the existence and oneness of Allah ﷻ, prophethood, and resurrection and recompense. The Surah is made up of a series of unique stories filled with guidance and lessons that are meant as reminders.


One of the main themes of this Surah is the infinite, limitless, all-encompassing, and divine mercy of Allah ﷻ. Mercy, or raḥmah, has been mentioned over 16 times in this beautiful and powerful Surah. We’ll find the words of grace, compassion, and their synonyms frequently mentioned throughout the Surah, together with Allah’s attributes of beneficence and mercy. We can say that one of the objectives of the Surah is to establish and affirm the attribute of mercy for Allah ﷻ. That’s why all of the stories mentioned also have to do with Allah’s mercy.