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Infallibility of the Prophets

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Imam al-Sabuni, Rayshaud Jameer (tr.)




Introduction by Shaykh Muhammad al-Ninowy


In this succinct treatise, Imam al-Sabuni dispels any aspersions against the noble Prophets of God. He provides a thorough exploration of the concept of infallibility using Arabic etymology and canonical Islamic texts, demonstrating their protection from God and immunity to sin.





1. The Infallibility of the Prophets


2. Does Infallibility Apply Before or After Prophethood?


3. Seemingly Unclear Matters About Infallibility


4. Ostensible Disobedience of Prophet Adam


5. The Infallibility of Prophet Ibrahim


6. The Infallibility of Prophet Yusuf


7. The Infallibility of Prophet Nuh


8. The Infallibility of Prophet Yunus


9. Was the Messenger of Allah s.a.w Made to Make Mistakes?