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Infamies of the Soul and Their Treatments

Imam Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami, Musa Furber (tr.)




ʿUyūb al-nafs wa adwiyatuha


This work is one of Islam’s earliest comprehensive theories for the purification of the soul. In this short guide, the hadith narrator, Shafiʿi legist, and historian of the early sufis, Imam al-Sulami, presents sixty-nine wicked traits and habits of the soul, including anger, laziness, negligence, self-pity, envy, avarice, lying, and pride. Each infamy is described with its common causes and treatments, usually with relevant Prophetic narrations and statements from early Muslim sages. These infamies incline the soul towards evil and self-reproach. Treating them restores its serenity and certainty. With this translation, English readers can now benefit from the simplicity and practicality of Imam al-Sulami’s classic self-help manual that Arabic readers have utilised for the past millennium.


Select Contents:


• Expecting salvation despite violations


• Fearing harm where none lies


• Expecting good while irritating others


• Expecting success without any work


• Seeking leadership


• Concern that one is honoured


• Following lusts


• Donning the garb of the righteous


• Idleness by feigning reliance on Allah