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Integrating Spiritual Interventions in Islamic Psychology

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Juraida Latif, Shaakirah Dockrat, G. Hussein Rassool
Hardback, 218 pages


A Practical Guide


This book provides Islamic psychology practitioners a framework on integrating evidence-based approaches of spiritual interventions based on Islamic jurisprudence (Shari’ah with therapy).


Covering both the theoretical and theological underpinnings of religious coping from an Islamic perspective while also serving as a practical guide, this text delivers an integrative approach which can be used in psychotherapy to ensure a more holistic process of healing and well-being. It outlines the positive and essential contributions that interventions rooted in Quranic and Sunnah evidence can make in terms of prevention, treatment, and recovery, describing a wide variety of practices and beliefs. Chapters focus on highlighting the importance of daily supplications and prayers, as well as other Prophetic remedies as part of a comprehensive, encompassing therapeutic plan for not only psycho-spiritual, but also physiological afflictions.


This book provides all Muslim mental health practitioners, trainees, and students as well as healthcare workers in Muslim communities with an accessible guide to using Islamic spiritual interventions in therapeutic practice.


1. Trials and Tribulations of Muslims
2. Psycho-Spiritual Afflictions
3. Religious Coping from an Islamic Perspective
4. Adkhaar as a Spiritual Intervention
5.  Ruqyah-ash-Shariʻah as a Spiritual Intervention
6. Prophetic Medicine (Tibb-an-Nabawi) and its Relevance in Therapeutic Practice
7. The Islamic Psychotherapist and Mental Health Practitioner: Moving Towards a Holistic Approach