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Intellectuals in the Modern Islamic World

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Stephane A. Dudoignon, Komatsu Hisao, Kosugi Yasushi




Transmission, Transformation and Communication




Part 1: Al-Manar in the Changing Islamic World 

1.Al-Manar Revisited: The "Lighthouse" of the Islamic Revival 

2. Al-Manar and Popular Religion in Syria, 1898-1920 

3. The Manarists and Modernism: An Attempt to Fuse Society and Religion 

4. The Influence of Al-Manar on Islamism in Turkey: The Case of Mehmed Akif 

5. Echoes to Al-Manar among the Muslims of the Russian Empire: A Preliminary Research Note on Riza ad-Din b. Fakhr ad-Din and the Šura (1908-1918) 

6. Rationalizing Patriotism among Muslim Chinese: The Impact of the Middle East on the Yuehua Journal 

7. The Transmission of Al-Manar’s Reformism to the Malay-Indonesian World: The Case of Al-Imam and Al-Muni 


Part 2: Intellectuals in Challenge: Situations, Discourses, Strategies 

8.The Arabo-Islamic Constitutional Thought at 1907: ‘Abd Al-Karim Murad (d. 1926) and His Draft Constitution for Morocco 

9. Constructing Transnational Islam: The East-West Network of Shakib Arslan 

10. Muslim Intellectuals in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the Twentieth Century: Continuities and Changes 

11. From Social Development to Religious Knowledge: Transformation of the Isma’ilis in Northern Pakistan 

12. Islam on the Wings of Nationalism: The Case of Muslim Intellectuals in Republican China 

13. Muslim Intellectuals and Japan: A Pan-Islamist Mediator: Abdurreshid Ibrahim 

14. Clash of Cultures? Intellectuals, their Publics, and Islam