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Interpreting Averroes: Critical Essays

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Peter Adamson, Matteo Di Giovanni (editors)

Paperback, 274 pages



This volume brings together world-leading scholars on the thought of Averroes, the greatest medieval commentator on Aristotle but also a major scholar of Islam. The collection situates him in his historical context by emphasizing the way that he responded to the political situation of twelfth-century Islamic Spain and the provocations of Islamic theology. It also sheds light on the interconnections between aspects of his work that are usually studied separately, such as his treatises on logic and his legal writings. Advanced students and scholars will find authoritative and insightful treatments of Averroes' philosophy, tackled from multiple perspectives and written in a clear and accessible way that will appeal to those encountering his work for the first time as well as to anyone looking for new critical approaches to Averroes and his thinking.




1. Averroes philosopher of Islam Matteo Di Giovanni

2. Dogmatics, theology, and philosophy in Averroes Mokdad Arfa-Mensia

3. Averroes on juridical reasoning Ziad Bou Akl

4. Averroes' corrective philosophy of law Feriel Bouhafa

5. Averroes' logic Paul Thom

6. Constructing Averroes' epistemology Deborah L. Black

7. Averroes on knowing essences David Wirmer

8. Averroes and the 'internal senses' Rotraud Hansberger

9. Averroes on medicine Joël Chandelier

10. Averroes' natural philosophy as science of nature Cristina Cerami

11. Averroes on divine causation Peter Adamson

1​2. Averroes' goals in the Paraphrase (Middle Commentary) of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Frédérique Woerther.