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In the Company of Scholars: A Commentary on al-Nawawi's Forty Hadith

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Furhan Zubairi




This book is a concise yet comprehensive commentary on al-Nawawī's Forty Ḥadīth focusing on the meanings, lessons, and benefits of each narration. Imām al-Nawawī’s (r) collection of forty ḥadīth, which actually consists of forty two ḥadīth, is perhaps the most widely studied ḥadīth collection across the Muslim world. It is taught and studied in Islamic schools, seminaries, universities, and hadīth gatherings across all academic traditions and throughout every Muslim community. The wide acceptance of this compilation and the fact that it is still being studied today is a testimony to the sincerity, hard work, and dedication of its author. In this work, Imām al-Nawawī (r) selected those narrations that he felt covered the most fundamental concepts of faith and religion.




Brief Biography of Imam Al-Nawawi

Imam Al-Nawawi’s Introduction


Hadith 1: Intentions and Sincerity

Hadith 2: Islam, Iman, and Ihsan

Hadith 3: The Five Pillars of Islam

Hadith 4: Human Development and Al-Qadr

Hadith 5: Sunnah and Bid’ah

Hadith 6: The Lawful and the Unlawful Are Clear

Hadith 7: Sincere Advice

Hadith 8: Sanctity of Muslim Life

Hadith 9: Do What You Can

Hadith 10: Pure Acts

Hadith 11: Leaving Doubt

Hadith 12: Leave What Doesn’t Concern You

Hadith 13: Love for Your Brother What You Love for Yourself

Hadith 14: Crime and Punishment

Hadith 15: Expressions of Iman

Hadith 16: Control Your Anger

Hadith 17: Excellence

Hadith 18: Fear Allah Wherever You Are

Hadith 19: Be Mindful of Allah

Hadith 20: Al-Haya

Hadith 21: Steadfastness

Hadith 22: The Path to Paradise

Hadith 23: Purification is Half of Iman

Hadith 24: Prohibition of Injustice

Hadith 25: Acts of Charity

Hadith 26: Charity Upon Every Joint

Hadith 27: Righteousness is Good Character

Hadith 28: Holding On to the Sunnah

Hadith 29: Gates of Goodness and the Path of Guidance

Hadith 30: The Limits and Boundaries of Allah

Hadith 31: Zuhd

Hadith 32: No Harm

Hadith 33: Burden of Proof and Court Procedure

Hadith 34: Objecting to Evil

Hadith 35: Brotherhood

Hadith 36: Helping Others and Seeking Knowledge

Hadith 37: Allah’s Grace and Justice

Hadith 38: Getting Close to Allah s.w.t

Hadith 39: Excused

Hadith 40: Be a Stranger in This World

Hadith 41: In the Footsteps of the Prophet ﷺ

Hadith 42: Forgiveness