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Islam and Biomedical Research Ethics

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Mehrunisha Suleman
Paperback, 242pages


This book is a contribution to the nascent discourse on global health and biomedical research ethics involving Muslim populations and Islamic contexts. It presents a rich sociological account about the ways in which debates and questions involving Islam within the biomedical research context are negotiated - a perspective which is currently lacking within the broader bioethics literature. The book tackles some key understudied areas including: role of faith in moral deliberations within biomedical research ethics, the moral anxiety and frustration experienced by researchers when having to negotiate multiple moral sources and how the marginalisation of women, the prejudice and abuse faced by groups such as sex workers and those from the LGBT community are encountered and negotiated in such contexts. The volume provides a valuable resource for researchers and scholars in this area by providing a systematic review of ethical guidelines and a rich case-based account of the ethical issues emerging in biomedical research in contexts where Islam and the religious moral commitments of Muslims are pertinent.


1 Introduction
2 Guideline Review
3 Role of Islamic Institutional Forms of Islam in Biomedical Research Ethics
Religious texts, scholars and their legal edicts
4 Islamic responses to ethical issues in HIV/AIDS research;
Deeper analysis of the role of ijtihad and fatawah in the context of global health research ethics;
5 Women and biomedical research ethics
Religion, culture and ethics
6 Personal faith and biomedical research ethics
Encountering the moral universe of Muslim researchers
7 Negotiating multiple moral resources
Key findings and recommendations for future research
8 Methodological Annexe