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Islam and Evolution: Al-Ghazali and the Modern Evolutionary Paradigm

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Shoaib Ahmed Malik

Hardback, 362 pages



This book attempts to equip the reader with a holistic and accessible account of Islam and evolution. It guides the reader through the different variables that have played a part in the ongoing dialogue between Muslim creationists and evolutionists.


This work views the discussion through the lens of al-Ghazālī (1058-1111), a widely-known and well-respected Islamic intellectual from the medieval period. By understanding al-Ghazālī as an Ash’arite theologian, a particular strand of Sunni theology, his metaphysical and hermeneutic ideas are taken to explore if and how much Neo-Darwinian evolution can be accepted. It is shown that his ideas can be used to reach an alignment between Islam and Neo-Darwinian evolution.


This book offers a detailed examination that seeks to offer clarity if not agreement in the midst of an intense intellectual conflict and polarity amongst Muslims.



Part 1 – Setting the Context

1 What Evolution Is and Isn’t

2 Christian Responses to Evolution


Part 2 – Islamic Perspectives on Evolution

3 Islamic Scripture and Evolution

4 Muslim Opinions on Evolution

5 Old Texts, New Masks: Misreading Evolution onto Historical Islamic Texts


Part 3 – Metaphysical Considerations

6 Naturalism, Chance, and Inefficiency

7 Intelligent Design

8 Morality and Evolution


Part 4 – Hermeneutic Considerations

9 Al-Ghazālī’s Hermeneutics

10 Creationism or Evolution in Islamic Scripture?