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Islam & Economics: Shah Wali-Allah's Approach

by Kube
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Abdul Azim Islahi


Shah Wali-Allah was a great sufi scholar born in the Indian Sub-Continent in the 1700's. This book focuses on Shah Wali-Allah's thought from an economic perspective. Chapters discuss his economic ideas, his contribution to Tadbir al-Manzil (household management), money and interest, as well as public finance and socio-economic development.


1. Overview of the Muslim Situation during Shah Wali-Allah's Time
2. Shah Wali-Allah Dihlawi: Life and Times
3. Intellectual and Academic Heritage of Shah Wali-Allah Dihlawi
4. Economic Ideas of Shah Wali-Allah Dihlawi
5. Tadbir al-Manzil (Household Management)
6. Shah Wali-Allah on Money and Interest
7. Pubic Finance
8. Shah Wali-Allah Dihlawi on Stages of Socio-Economic Development
9. Conclusion: Comparison and Evaluation