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Islam, Ethics and Civilisation

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Spahic Omer

Paperback, 308 pages



This work address a wide range of issues pertaining the Islamic worldview, ethics and civilisation. 




1. Why and How to Islamise Knowledge?

2. Why is Civilisation a Problematic Concept, and is Western Civilisation a Failed Experiment?

3. Examining the Relationship between Islam and Civilisation

4. What Exactly is Islamic Architecture, and is Architecture a Problematic Concept?

5. Lessons in Business Ethics from Prophet Shu'ayb's Mission

6. Lessons in Morality from Prophet Lut's Mission

7. Amazing Facts About Satan

8. Why Shooting Stars?

9. The Truth about the History of Writing

10. Islam on Aliens

11. Prophet Musa and Khidr: A Lesson in Patience

12. Pharaoh and Space Exploration

13. Proving God

14. Samiri and the Origins of Bohemianism

15. The Intoxication of Death and the Truth

16. This is the Creation of Allah

17. Confronting Pharaoh

18. Prophet Ibrahim's Dialogue with His Father

19. Prophet Ibrahim's Debate with King Namrud