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Islam in China

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James Frankel

Paperback, 208 pages



Tracing 1200 years of history, this book shows that Muslim communities in China have undergone tremendous change, touched by the forces of Chinese history, the development of Islamic traditions outside China, and geopolitics. In highlighting the paradoxical situation in which Chinese Muslims have found themselves - living as both insiders and outsiders to Chinese society and state - the book examines why after so many centuries of habitation and naturalisation, Muslims in China are still stigmatized by their perceived alien origins. 



1. Muslim Origins in China

2. Muslim Transplantation in Early China

3. Muslim Entrenchment in Medieval China

4. Muslim Renaissance and Resistance in Late Imperial China

5. Muslim Nation-Building in Post-Imperial China

6. Muslims and the State in Communist China

7. Muslim Diversity in Contemporary China

8. Chinese Muslims, Global Islam, and the Global Power of China