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Islam and Literalism

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Robert Gleave




Literal Meaning and Interpretation in Islamic Legal Theory


Traces the emergence and development of the idea of literal meaning in Islamic legal hermeneutics


In this reading of Islamic legal hermeneutics, Robert Gleave explores various competing notions of literal meaning, linked to both theological doctrine and historical developments, together with insights from modern semantic and pragmatic philosophers.


Literal meaning is what a text means in itself, regardless of what its author intends to convey or the reader understands to be its message. As Islamic law is based on the central texts of Islam, the idea of a literal meaning that rules over human attempts to understand God’s message has resulted in a series of debates amongst modern Muslim legal theorists.



1. Understanding Literal Meaning

2. Literal Meaning and Scriptural Exegesis

3. Literal Meaning In Early Muslim Thought

4. Literal Meaning in Early Muslim Jurisprudence

5. Literal Meaning in Sunni Jurisprudence

6. Legal Literalism and Early Zahiri Legal Thought

7. Literalism and Ibn Íazm’s Legal Theory

8. Literal Meaning in Early Sectarian Legal Theory

9. Literal Meaning in Classical Imami Legal Theory

10. Literal Meaning in Modern Muslim Legal Theory