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Islam and the Destiny of Man (ITS)

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Gai Eaton




The aim of this book, presented here for the first time as a fully revised and updated paperback, is to explore what it means to be a Muslim - a member of a community which embraces a quarter of the world's population - and to describe the forces which have shaped their hearts and minds. In this wide-ranging study the author is concerned not simply with Islam in isolation, but with the very nature of religious faith, its spiritual and intellectual foundations and the light it casts upon the mysteries and paradoxes of the human condition.




Part I: An Approach to the Faith

1. Islam and Europe

2. Continuity and Contrast

3. Truth and Mercy


Part II: The Making of the Faith

4. The World of the Book

5. The Messenger of God

6. The City of the Prophet

7. The Successors

8. The Way of the World


Part III: The Fruits of the Faith

9. The Rule of the Law

10. The Human Paradox

11. Art, Environment and Mysticism

12. Other Dimensions