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Islamic Psychology: The Basics

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G. Hussein Rassool
Paperback, 252 pages


Islamic Psychology: The Basics is a jargon-free and accessible introduction that explores psychology from an Islāmic perspective, and provides a foundation level overview of the fundamental principles and practices of Islāmic psychology. The book introduces concepts, models, approaches, themes, and theories you need to know to study the mind, soul, and behaviour based on Islāmic scripture.


Offering an overview of Islāmic psychology and what Islāmic psychologists do, chapters address key topics including the history of the evolution of the science of the soul, and the psychology of human behaviour and experiences. Rassool examines the concepts of the Fitrah, the Nafs (Self), the Aql (Intellect), the Rūḥ (Soul) the Qalb (Heart), and the concept of Islāmic healing and spiritual interventions. Other themes include the Qur’an and psychology, models and approaches in Islāmic psychology, interpreting Islāmic psychology for modern times, and the contemporary scope of the practice of Islāmic psychology.


1: Islāmic monotheism as the foundation of Islāmic psychology
2: Evolution of the science of the soul: Historical perspective
3: What is Islāmic psychology?
4: Role, competence and scope of practice
5: The Fitrah: The spiritual nature of human  behaviour
6: The inner world of a human being  (Part I)
7: The inner world of a human being (Part II)
8: Islāmic healing
9: Research methodology in Islāmic psychology