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Islamic Art Meets British Flowers

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Hadil Tamim, Adrian Lawson

Paperback, 74 pages



In a beautifully harmonious juxtaposition of two cultures, Islamic Art Meets British Flowers combines the formal structure and discipline of Islamic floral pattern-making with British flowers and architectural forms to create a truly unique series of artworks. Hadil Tamim, was born in Al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp south of Damascus, Syria. Her family's heritage is rooted deeply within occupied Palestine.


For the last two decades she has been living in Reading, UK, where she has turned to her art to create a bridge between two homes and two cultures. The result is a couple of dozen breath-taking new works - a new pattern line. They draw on the architectural forms of the buildings in Reading for structure and colour, the wildflowers found in and around the town for the arabesque, and the artist's training in ceramic and Islamic decorative art.


Together with excerpts from her sketchbook and practical sections on the techniques she uses, along with Adrian's commentary on the wildflowers, this gift of creativity in a situation riven with conflict, provides inspiration and hope for art lovers across the globe.





- A brief history of Islamic art

- Islamic art and this book


Card paper preparation, composition creating & painting

- Surface preparation

- Composition

- Colour


Islamic art meets British flowers

- Snowdrop

- Crocus

- Daffodil

- Lady’s smock or Cuckoo flower

- Ragged Robin

- Primrose

- Cowslip

- Bird’s foot trefoil

- Ox-eye daisy

- Meadow cranesbill

- Yellow flag iris

- Common mallow

- Comfrey

- Wild or dog rose

- Bramble