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Islamic Civilisation and The Modern World: Thematic Essays

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Osman Bakar






Chapter 1

Islamic Civilisation as a Global Presence with Special Reference to its Knowledge Culture


Chapter 2

The Qur'anic Identity of the Muslim Ummah: Tawhidic Epistemology as its Foundation and Sustainer


Chapter 3

Islam's Destiny: A Civilisational Bridge between the East and the West


Chapter 4

Comparative Notes on Qutb al-Din al-Shirazi's and Ibn Khaldun's Classifications of the Sciences: A Turning Point in Islamic Intellectual History


Chapter 5

The Spiritual and Ethical Foundation of Science and Technology in Islamic Civilisation


Chapter 6

Islamic Medical and Public Health System


Chapter 7

The Role of Cosmology in the Cultivation of the Arts: Addressing Aesthetic Needs in Islamic Civilisation


Chapter 8

Environmental Health and Welfare as an Important Aspect of Civilisational Islam


Chapter 9

The Golden Age of Science in Islamic Spain


Chapter 10

Islam's Contributions to Human Civilisation with Special Reference to Science and Scientific Culture


Chapter 11

Islam and the Three Waves of Globalisation: The Southeast Asian Experience


Chapter 12

Islam as a Shaping Force of Cultural Identity in Southeast Asia: The Case of the Malay-Islamic Identity


Chapter 13

The Identity Crisis of the Contemporary Muslim Ummah: The Loss of Tawhidic Epistemology as Its Root Cause


Chapter 14

The Place and Role of Maqasid al-Shari'ah in the Ummah's Twenty-First Century Civilisational Renewal