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Islamic Counselling: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

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G. Hussein Rassool 

Paperback, 282 Pages



The book is designed as an introduction for counsellors, its goal is to inform the reader about how the diverse roles of the Islamic counsellor fit together in a comprehensive way and to provide the guidelines that can be potentially integrated into a theoretical framework for use. The book is divided into two parts. Section one: Context and Background, and Section two: Assessment, Models and Intervention Strategies. 

Islamic Counselling encompasses both current theory, research and an awareness of the practice implications in delivering appropriate and effective counselling interventions with Muslim clients. It will be essential reading for both professionals and students alike.


Selected Contents (5/19):

1. Islam and Muslims

2. Counselling and Islamic Counselling: an overview

3. Spirituality and Islamic counselling

4. Understanding human nature and personality development in the Islamic context

5. Psychological health: cultural and religious influences